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1 Day Crowns
Family Smile Dentistry
Saturday, May 26 2012

Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic (CEREC) has revolutionized dental procedures. Traditionally, if crowns, onlays, or inlays were required to restore damaged teeth, multiple procedures and a great deal of waiting time in-between would be inevitable. CEREC creates these ceramic restorations within minutes in the dental office. This means that many treatments can be completed in just a single visit.


         No temporary restorations.

         High-quality ceramic products.

         Minimal invasiveness.

         Less injections and discomfort.

         Fewer dental visits.

         Cost effectiveness.

         More natural tooth is saved.

         Long lasting natural looking restorations.


Here's how it works. When the tooth is prepared for a full crown or onlay, we used to have to take an impression, make a temporary, send the impression to a lab and reschedule the patient back for cementation in two weeks. Now with CEREC3, after the preparation is made we take a three dimensional optical impression of the tooth, design the crown/onlay on the computer screen and then mill the restoration out of a piece of porcelain while you wait in the office. The restoration is then tried in and cemented before you leave that day.

Please call our office for details!

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