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Thursday, March 20 2014

We are always looking for ways to help inprove ourselves. Here at the dentist, we have found a new product that will help your teeth do just that. Our office has never really been on the bleaching band wagon. To have a patient sit with a light for an hour, have the patient then complain about sensitivity and having to take medication for the pain, thats something we just did'nt want to put our patients through. 

A month ago, we had a representative with Sensational Smile come into our office. I, being a mouth of major sensitivity, was very sceptic with what he had presented to me. Absolutely NO SENSITIVITY, bleach for only 25 minutes, and end up with a healthy looking smile. Ok, so i bit and had them bleach my teeth. I will tell you that i felt absolutely nothing. I loved the fact that it only took 25 minutes, i dont have to wear messy trays for hours at a time, and my teeth have a younger look to them.

This product again is to give you a healthy looking smile, not crazy white translucent teeth. At the time of bleaching, it will take 3-8 shades off. You then have a take home pen that you would continue to use for 2 weeks, 20 minutes at a time.

Before launching the product in our office, we purchased a few and tried the product out on about 10 patients. All of them saw results right away. All of them were happy with the starting results.

As of march, we fully carry the product. We have had an amazing turn out from our patients with very good results.

If your interested in bleaching your teeth with sensational smile, please call for an appointment today!


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