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1 Day Crowns
Family Smile Dentistry
Thursday, July 14 2016

Our Practice Values

HERE AT Family Smile Dentistry, we’re all about serving you. And to best serve you, we’ve taken some time to really define who we are and what we believe.

Practice Value #1:

We Consider Ourselves Your Health Partner

Our philosophy differentiates us as a “health partner”—not simply a dental practice. We value the relationships we develop with our patients, hope to serve you throughout your life, and welcome you into OUR FAMILY.

Practice Value #2:

We’re A “Social” Dental Practice

We use social media to better serve you, our patients.

• We’re listening. We want to make it easy for you to connect with us. Open communication with you builds trust—and we’ll never take that trust for granted.

• We provide relevant information that’s beneficial to your health, appearance, and comfort.

• We’re connected with you. Typically we only see you every 4-6 months. Social media allows us to “see” (and connect with) you more often. Join us on facebook to stay in touch with what our office is up to next.

• Appointment reminders are now digital. All appointment reminders, appointments scheduled, and save the dates are emailed and texted to your phone allowing input straight into your calander.

Practice Value #3:

Our Services Begin With Prevention

First and foremost, our emphasis is on preventive dentistry. In turn, every treatment recommendation is clearly in line with long term oral health objectives. That being said, Dr. Jarquin and Dr. Foroughi take the conservative way to dentistry. You will not be sold on something that truly is not broken to begin with!

Practice Value #4:

We’re Technologically Advanced We invest in the very best materials, equipment, and technology to serve you!

We are a digital/chartless office that utilizes cad/cam technology. Our cad/cam technology, Cerec, allows for us to perform 1 visit dentistry. You read correctly, crowns in as little as 2 hours from start to finish. No messy impressions, no temporary crowns, and most importantly…NO 2nd appointment taking precious time from your daily life.

We also have brought into the practice, THE WAND! The wand is computer based technology allowing for single tooth anesthetic without the shot! Yes, I said without the shot. The wand allows patients with a fear of needles the ability to breathe again. The best part is, only the tooth being worked on gets numb, not your entire face. Once you leave the office, your allowed to eat and drink right after. No more having to wait until the anesthetic wears off.

Practice Value #5:

We Value Continuing Education

We devote time to improving our technical skills and treatment capabilities to be sure you benefit from the latest research and the most aesthetically pleasing results. Our foremost core value is Clinical Excellence and we work hard to achieve it.

Practice Value #6:

We Pay Attention

We pay attention to the little things and do everything we can to maximize your comfort and satisfaction. We listen to what YOU as the patient would like to accomplish, not try and SELL you a Hollywood smile. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and creating a great patient experience. We are honored by the reviews are patients write, check them out! 

Thanks for your continued support and friendship. Never hesitate to let us know how we can serve you better.

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