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Thursday, July 14 2016

Our Practice Values

HERE AT Family Smile Dentistry, we’re all about serving you. And to best serve you, we’ve taken some time to really define who we are and what we believe.

Practice Value #1:

We Consider Ourselves Your Health Partner

Our philosophy differentiates us as a “health partner”—not simply a dental practice. We value the relationships we develop with our patients, hope to serve you throughout your life, and welcome you into OUR FAMILY.

Practice Value #2:

We’re A “Social” Dental Practice

We use social media to better serve you, our patients.

• We’re listening. We want to make it easy for you to connect with us. Open communication with you builds trust—and we’ll never take that trust for granted.

• We provide relevant information that’s beneficial to your health, appearance, and comfort.

• We’re connected with you. Typically we only see you every 4-6 months. Social media allows us to “see” (and connect with) you more often. Join us on facebook to stay in touch with what our office is up to next.

• Appointment reminders are now digital. All appointment reminders, appointments scheduled, and save the dates are emailed and texted to your phone allowing input straight into your calander.

Practice Value #3:

Our Services Begin With Prevention

First and foremost, our emphasis is on preventive dentistry. In turn, every treatment recommendation is clearly in line with long term oral health objectives. That being said, Dr. Jarquin and Dr. Foroughi take the conservative way to dentistry. You will not be sold on something that truly is not broken to begin with!

Practice Value #4:

We’re Technologically Advanced We invest in the very best materials, equipment, and technology to serve you!

We are a digital/chartless office that utilizes cad/cam technology. Our cad/cam technology, Cerec, allows for us to perform 1 visit dentistry. You read correctly, crowns in as little as 2 hours from start to finish. No messy impressions, no temporary crowns, and most importantly…NO 2nd appointment taking precious time from your daily life.

We also have brought into the practice, THE WAND! The wand is computer based technology allowing for single tooth anesthetic without the shot! Yes, I said without the shot. The wand allows patients with a fear of needles the ability to breathe again. The best part is, only the tooth being worked on gets numb, not your entire face. Once you leave the office, your allowed to eat and drink right after. No more having to wait until the anesthetic wears off.

Practice Value #5:

We Value Continuing Education

We devote time to improving our technical skills and treatment capabilities to be sure you benefit from the latest research and the most aesthetically pleasing results. Our foremost core value is Clinical Excellence and we work hard to achieve it.

Practice Value #6:

We Pay Attention

We pay attention to the little things and do everything we can to maximize your comfort and satisfaction. We listen to what YOU as the patient would like to accomplish, not try and SELL you a Hollywood smile. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and creating a great patient experience. We are honored by the reviews are patients write, check them out! 

Thanks for your continued support and friendship. Never hesitate to let us know how we can serve you better.

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Tuesday, July 28 2015

How Do I Handle My Child’s Dental Emergency?

With children undergoing developmental dental changes and engaging in rough-and-tumble activities, dental emergencies can often arise. If your child knocks out a tooth or experiences any type of oral discomfort, call Family Smile  Dentistry 941-345-1100 right away so we can provide you with a quick assessment and pain-free treatment.

Before an emergency occurs, it’s a good idea to stay informed about the problems your child may encounter. Here are a few things you should keep in mind about teething pain, loose baby teeth, and other common dental issues.

Teething Pain?

Typically occurring in babies that are between four months and two and a half years old, teething may cause excessive drooling, tender gums, and some irritability. The Massachusetts Dental Society recommends providing plenty of fluids to children who are experiencing teething pain. Giving your baby a cold teething ring or gently rubbing her gums with wet gauze or your finger may also make her feel better.

Loose Baby Tooth

It is normal for a child’s first set of teeth to become loose and fall out. On the other hand, if your child’s baby tooth is knocked loose, schedule an appointment with our office so we can assess whether any damage has been done.

Issues with Permanent Teeth

Sometimes a child’s permanent teeth will grow in before the baby teeth have fallen out. Sutter Health notes that this a good reason to consult with a dental professional. Even if this condition isn’t causing any discomfort, you should schedule an appointment with our office so we can determine whether your child’s permanent teeth are growing in correctly.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums can result from a number of factors, including periodontal disease, rough brushing, or an injury to the gum tissue. If your child’s gums are bleeding heavily, call our office right away so we can address the situation. If you have time before your appointment, the Cleveland Clinic recommends that you wash the child’s mouth with salted water and gently put pressure on the affected area.

Regardless of the type of dental issue your child has, you can always consult Dr. Jarquin for further guidance. We make sure our emergency services are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so you have ready access to convenient and professional dental care that will have your child feeling better in no time.

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Friday, April 17 2015

The American Dental Association and the Oral Cancer Foundation encourage people to participate in Oral Cancer Awareness Month during April. A self-examination is a good way to start. But, your dental care provider (dentist and/or hygienist) will do a thorough exam of your mouth and tongue. Early detection is key to locating precancerous lesions. Here at Family Smile Dentistry, we can help you stay on top of your oral health which includes more than just your teeth. Risk factors for mouth and throat cancers include tobacco use, heavy consumption of alcohol (particularly when they are used together), and infection with the human papillomavirus, which is better known as HPV.

Call us today at 941-345-1100 to schedule your cancer screening.

Self examination is a good place to start. Your dentist will conduct a thorough oral cancer screening during your regular exam.

Self examination is a good place to start. Your dentist will conduct a thorough oral cancer screening during your regular exam.

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Thursday, February 05 2015
Sensitivity No More

Ouch! Does brushing or flossing make you wince occasionally? Does eating a cold spoonful of ice cream or sipping on a hot cup of coffee cause you discomfort?

The culprit could be overly sensitive teeth, and unfortunately this condition is all too common. In fact, Dentistry Today reveals that one out of every eight people has oversensitive teeth. Of course, there’s nothing to smile about regarding any kind of tooth pain, especially tooth sensitivity. At Family Smile Dentistry, Dr.'s Foroughi and Jarquin, will explain just why this is.

Why So Sensitive?

There are a variety of factors that can result in sensitive teeth. Recent dental work, for example may cause short-term sensitivity. Other culprits may result in longer lasting discomfort. Some main causes for tooth sensitivity include:

Plaque buildup and tooth decay along the gum line.

Teeth grinding.


Receding gums.

Brushing teeth too hard.

Some tooth whitening toothpastes.

Your age. Tooth sensitivity is highest between the ages of 25 and 30.

Cracked or broken teeth.

Highly acidic foods and beverages.

Some mouthwashes.

Get Needed Assistance

Everyone’s smile is unique and because one or more factors may be involved, it’s vital to get professional assistance to properly pinpoint what’s causing your tooth sensitivity issues. That’s where our expertise and advanced training can help. We can help diagnose and treat any oral health concerns you may have, including alleviating the discomfort of oversensitive teeth.

All it takes is an appointment with Family Smile Dentistry!

In no time at all, you can be kissing tooth sensitivity goodbye and allowing yourself to focus on the flavor, not the temperature, of your next bowl of ice cream. Your mouth will thank you with an ear-to-ear smile!

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Thursday, March 20 2014

We are always looking for ways to help inprove ourselves. Here at the dentist, we have found a new product that will help your teeth do just that. Our office has never really been on the bleaching band wagon. To have a patient sit with a light for an hour, have the patient then complain about sensitivity and having to take medication for the pain, thats something we just did'nt want to put our patients through. 

A month ago, we had a representative with Sensational Smile come into our office. I, being a mouth of major sensitivity, was very sceptic with what he had presented to me. Absolutely NO SENSITIVITY, bleach for only 25 minutes, and end up with a healthy looking smile. Ok, so i bit and had them bleach my teeth. I will tell you that i felt absolutely nothing. I loved the fact that it only took 25 minutes, i dont have to wear messy trays for hours at a time, and my teeth have a younger look to them.

This product again is to give you a healthy looking smile, not crazy white translucent teeth. At the time of bleaching, it will take 3-8 shades off. You then have a take home pen that you would continue to use for 2 weeks, 20 minutes at a time.

Before launching the product in our office, we purchased a few and tried the product out on about 10 patients. All of them saw results right away. All of them were happy with the starting results.

As of march, we fully carry the product. We have had an amazing turn out from our patients with very good results.

If your interested in bleaching your teeth with sensational smile, please call for an appointment today!


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Monday, February 17 2014

Let me Introduce a new machine that makes injections painless!

The Wand (CompuDent or STA system)

What is it?

The Wand is essentially a computer-controlled dental injection. The flow rate of the local anaesthetic is controlled by a computer. This means that the injection is guaranteed to be slow and steady and therefore comfortable.

Even though Milestone Scientific – the manufacturers of the Wand – now call their products CompuDent and STA (Single Tooth Anesthesia) System, we’ll still call it the Wand here – because a lot of people with needle phobia describe it as their “Magic Wand”!

Most people who have had a bad experience with injections think that needles sting because the skin is pierced, but this is usually not so! Most often, the sting was caused because the anesthetic was fired in too quickly. Obviously, it is possible for the dentist to control the speed with a standard syringe, but the idea of the Wand is to take out the “human error”. This can be very reassuring for people with previous bad experiences.

What are the advantages?

  • Looks non-threatening and almost cute. Researchers have found that the Wand induces less anxiety than any other injection method (Kudo et al, 2001).
  • The precise control of flow rate and pressure reliably produces a comfortable injection even in potentially more “difficult” areas like the palate, where the tissue is less elastic.
  • Many dentists enjoy the light weight and easy handling. The penlike grasp allows the operator to rotate the handpiece, which can make it easier to glide the needle into the tissue.
  • Two “fancy” injection techniques (the AMSA and P-ASA, for the nerds among you) are much more comfortable and effective when the Wand is used.

What are the disadvantages?

So why do so few dentists use the Wand if it’s that cool?

  • Cost! It’s more expensive than using traditional syringes, both for the machine and the disposables. And if you wanted to rely on the Wand alone, you’d have to have a backup Wand in case one breaks down sometime, which means more cost. Because the cartridge holder, tube and handpiece are disposables, there’s a larger volume of hazardous waste (and higher costs for getting rid of the extra waste).
  • Some dentists complain they lose time because it takes longer than their “standard” injection.
  • Takes time (and guinea pigs – usually staff or other dentists) to learn.
  • Takes up extra space. This can be a problem in some rooms, depending on space and layout.
  • A lot of dentists are happy with their painless injection techniques and don’t see the need for it.
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Wednesday, July 17 2013

New CAD/CAM Technology Allowing For Custom Implant Abutments

The standard of care is increasing as new technology is shaping the way dentistry is performed.  As you may have heard, the words dental implants are used regularly in dental treatment planning. Bridges and partials are no longer the best alternative for a patient that is missing a tooth or needs a tooth extracted. Implants have now changed the way that we look at our patients as the best quality of care for them as long as certain criteria are met.

With the growing demand for aesthetically perfect implants not only by dentists, but also patients as well, new technology has arrived. Here at Family Smile Dentistry, we are now using our new CAD/CAM technology to mill custom implant abutments.

What is an abutment vs custom abutment and why would I need one?

A stock prefabricated abutment is provided by the manufacturer, and used as is. One size fits all per say. Because of this, it may alter the aesthetics or occlusion of the teeth before the treatment is even completed.

A custom abutment uses CAD/CAM technology that permits custom abutments to be designed virtually and then milled from a machine here at the office. These will now provide for a stronger supporting structure. Other advantages are the soft tissue shaping and the esthetics that can now be altered to an individual mouth.  

I can talk about this discussion personally as I have now had both, first a stock abutment and now a custom abutment.  As I am not like everybody, I had problems with the stock abutment. My gums were irritated and I had sensitivity. The crown was made big and bulky and the rest of my teeth are shaped small. After a few months of the stock abutment, the doctors recommended that a custom abutment be made as our office now had the new technology to customize one.

With the new CAD/CAM technology, the doctor and assistant take images of your mouth with a camera once the healing abutment is removed. This allows images of your supporting gum tissue to be entered into the computer. We then place supporting structures to again take images of the area to generate the custom abutment as well as the crown that will be cemented onto the custom abutment.

Once all your images are entered into the computer, our assistant then designs your abutment to give you a structure that would look like the inside of a tooth instead of a straight pointed stock piece. The abutment actually looked like a smaller sized tooth in my eyes.

Once the custom abutment and crown are milled, the doctor screws and torques the custom abutment into your implant. This now provides the platform for your crown to be cemented on to.

I immediately felt a difference in my mouth. The crown did not feel big and bulky. They actually aesthetically made the shade of the tooth more pleasing, and most importantly my gums around the abutment were calm. I have had my custom abutment in for over 2 weeks now and I have had not one symptom that I had before.

Unlike other offices, we do not charge a difference for the custom abutment as we feel that it is in the best interest for our patients as we now have the technology.  

If you have any questions regarding this treatment, please feel free to contact me at



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Monday, March 04 2013

We are sad to announce, but after a bitter sweet 12 years, were saying good bye to working Saturdays and evenings. This decision was not an easy one to make. As we have always strived to help our patients with not only the quality of care that they deserve, but also able to provide them hours that would help accommodate the needs of a business professional.

Just like all of our loving families that we enjoy taking care of, it's now time for us here at Family Smile Dentistry to enjoy our family and the needs for our children to enjoy activities that the weekends and evenings bring.

We hope you will understand our position and allow us to still provide the best quality of care to you and your family.

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Saturday, November 17 2012
Best Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here, so our minds have turned
To what time has taught us, to what we've learned:
We often focus all our thought
On shiny things we've shopped and bought;
We take our pleasure in material things
Forgetting the pleasure that friendship brings.
If a lot of our stuff just vanished today,
We'd see the foundation of each happy day
Is special relationships, constant and true,
And that's when our thoughts go directly to you.
We wish you a Thanksgiving you'll never forget,
Full of love and joy?your best one yet!

By Joanna Fuchs

Wishing our patients and their families the very best for this Thanksgiving. We here at Family Smile Dentistry are so thankful for each and every one of our patients.  You bring us joy and comfort in knowing that the care we provide is a positive one. 

Family Smile Dentistry is THANKFUL FOR YOU, OUR PATIENTS!

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Saturday, May 26 2012

Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic (CEREC®) has revolutionized dental procedures. Traditionally, if crowns, onlays, or inlays were required to restore damaged teeth, multiple procedures and a great deal of waiting time in-between would be inevitable. CEREC® creates these ceramic restorations within minutes in the dental office. This means that many treatments can be completed in just a single visit.


·         No temporary restorations.

·         High-quality ceramic products.

·         Minimal invasiveness.

·         Less injections and discomfort.

·         Fewer dental visits.

·         Cost effectiveness.

·         More natural tooth is saved.

·         Long lasting natural looking restorations.


Here's how it works. When the tooth is prepared for a full crown or onlay, we used to have to take an impression, make a temporary, send the impression to a lab and reschedule the patient back for cementation in two weeks. Now with CEREC3, after the preparation is made we take a three dimensional optical impression of the tooth, design the crown/onlay on the computer screen and then mill the restoration out of a piece of porcelain while you wait in the office. The restoration is then tried in and cemented before you leave that day.

Please call our office for details!

(941) 345-1100

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