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Dr. Foroughi D.M.D.
Dr. Foroughi D.M.D.

A graduate from the University of South Florida, and unlike his family members engineering background, Dr. Foroughi found another path he was interested and passionate about, Dentistry. He attended Boston University and graduated with his D.M.D. in 1997. Once graduated, he followed his soon to be wife to Miami and practiced there until 1998. He then moved to the Bradenton area where he continued his profession and called the area home.

In 1999, Dr. Foroughi and Dr. Jarquin married and began the dream of owning their own practice together. In 2001, they formed Family Smile Dentistry. Family Smile Dentistry is proud to be one of the very 1st dental practices in the now called Lakewood Ranch area. 

Dr. Foroughi stives for up to date new technology. He was a member of the prestigious Seattle Study Club as well as the Tampa Bay Cerec Club.

Dr. Jarquin D.M.D.
Dr. Jarquin D.M.D.

Dr. Jarquin is originally from Nicaragua and moved to the United States during childhood. Growing up, she was able to witness her father enjoying a career that he loved, dentistry. She was inspired by his love for his profession and commitment towards his patients and strived to become a dentist herself.

Dr. Jarquin graduated from Dade Community College and pursued her dream of Dentistry at Boston University. She went on to receive her D.M.D. in 1997. Not only did she receive her dental degree at BU, she also met her future husband. She then returned home to Miami where she practiced for two years prior to moving to Bradenton in 1999.

In 1999, Dr. Jarquin and Dr. Foroughi married beginning the dream of owning their own private practice. In 2002, the dream became a reality with the opening of Family Smile Dentistry. Together, they have twin girls, Kiana and Kayla, which are 17 years old and seniors at Braden River High School.

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